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The www.ilseliedizioni.it site owned by ELI Publishing provides information on its publishing projects, services and resources for teachers and students and online learning platforms. Its use is subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Acceptance of the general terms, having read them carefully, is a necessary and essential condition for access to and use of the services offered by ELI Publishing. At the time of acceptance of the terms and conditions you will be also asked to take cognizance of the information pertaining to the processing of personal data pursuant to Regolamento (UE) 2016/679 , and will be asked to authorize the processing of personal data, voluntarily provided by you, for purposes relating to access to services and any other initiatives in which you may elect to take part.

The terms and conditions set out below govern the procedures for access to and use of the services offered by the www.ilseliedizioni.it site.


All contents of the www.ilseliedizioni.it site, including texts, documents , trademarks, logos , images, graphics, their arrangement and their adaptations are protected by copyright law and Brand protection laws (Act April 22 1941 No. 633, as amended, Royal Decree 929 of 21 June 1942, as amended) and are copyrighted.

The www.ilseliedizioni.it site may also contain images, documents, logos, and trademarks of third parties who have expressly authorized their publication on the ELI Publishing www.ilseliedizioni.it site. This aforementioned third-party material is also protected by the legislation on intellectual property rights and protection of trademarks and is copyrighted. You may not copy, alter, distribute, publish or use the content of this website without prior written consent of ELI Publishing, except for those materials available in the teacher and student areas which are, however, also subject to copyright law.

Registration and acceptance of the terms of service

1. Access to services is provided through the www.ilseliedizioni.it Site to regularly enrolled and registered Users, hereinafter "User." Upon registration, each User is invited by ELI Publishing to accept the terms and conditions detailed herein and declare that the information regarding the processing of personal data provided to ELI Publishing and necessary for access to services has been carefully read and understood.

2. On completing the registration process, when invited to insert Username and password, the User will be asked to express acceptance of these conditions by clicking on the checkbox. By doing so you acknowledge that you have carefully read and expressly accepted all the conditions, terms and modes of use of the services, as expressly set forth below and are aware of all the features, aims and nature of the services. The User name and password provided by the User are personal and may not be used by anyone else to access the services offered by the Site

3. The User agrees to keep both User name and password strictly personal and not to allow third parties to make any use of them.

4. The User who registers or communicates his own or third party personal information on this site should ensure (and by registering guarantees to ELI Publishing) that such data are a) accurate and, where necessary, updated , in such a manner that they allow the identification the User for the period of time necessary for the purposes for which they were collected, b ) processed lawfully and fairly; c ) collected and recorded for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are collected and / or further processed.

5. The User is solely responsible for the conservation, use and confidentiality of Username and password and, consequently, remains solely responsible for all proper and / or improper use made thereof.

Description of Services

The www.ilseliedizioni.it site provides, for example, but not limited to:

1. Information on ELI publishing projects;

2. Consultation of information sheets regarding ELI materials; the printing of the same;

3. Consultation and downloading of the publisher’s online catalogues;

4. Information on events organized by or in cooperation with ELI Publishing;

5. Enrolment in the publisher’s promotion, training or other initiatives;

6. Consultation , download and use of various kinds of resource for institutional use available to Users registered by ELI Publishing (including, for example but not limited to, keys to exercises , worksheets , remedial and extension exercises, audio recordings , videos, links to videos on third party websites, etc.).

7. Provision to User of digital inspection copies of published materials;

8. Access to and use of online learning platforms:


A language practice platform by means of which the User can choose contents already prepared by ELI or create his own contents and assign them to classes, groups or individuals through " virtual classes " created by the same User. WebLAB is protected by usernames and passwords automatically created for students in virtual classes. WebLAB tracks students' performance in reports accessible to the User.


An Internet space for the sharing of digital materials such as, for example, but not limited to, photographs, original texts or texts reproduced in accordance with intellectual property rights in order to create photo-galleries, blogs and class magazines. WebCLOUD automatically generates encrypted usernames and passwords for students in the virtual classroom and the User has the right to restrict access to materials only to the virtual classroom that produced them or to extend it to all WebCLOUD Users, making the material visible to third parties registered as WebCLOUD Users. The extension of access to all WebCLOUD Users involves the simultaneous disclosure of the name of the User’s teaching Institute, name, surname and e-mail address entered by the User at the time of registration on the ELI site in order to promote contact and collaboration between educational institutions. It should also be noted that, when content or messages are thus published on the WebCLOUD platform’s 'Gallery', the first page of such content or message will be visible on the Internet as a preview, it being understood that the work in its entirety will be available only to registered WebCLOUD Users.


ELI is not responsible for the content of any other site that can be reached from the www.ilseliedizioni.it site or through which you can access this site. If you decide to visit any site linked to www.ilseliedizioni.it, you do so at your own risk: it is your responsibility to take all measures against viruses or other destructive elements. ELI Publishing declares that it has no control over the content of such sites and as a third party has no responsibility for the content and materials , including advertising, on such sites or the products or services offered. Such products or services can not be considered in any way sponsored, shared or supported by ELI Publishing.

Rules of Conduct for Users

In making use of the Website services provided by the sending or publishing of texts , photos or videos (hereinafter “contents”) on the WebLAB or WEBCLOUD platforms, the User agrees to abide by the following rules:

1. It is forbidden to take any kind of initiative (protests against the publishers or the press, organizing petitions , creating new sites or forums, etc.) without the prior written consent of ELI Publishing’s administration.

2. It is forbidden to publish: a. Links to sites / forums / chats / blogs belonging to competitors of www.ilseliedizioni.it site b . private e-mail addresses, c . Private phone numbers or home addresses.

3. Each User expressly undertakes not to post any content which could be considered defamatory, libellous , obscene, offensive to religious belief, invasive of people's privacy, or otherwise unlawful, in compliance with Italian and international law.

4. Comments are expressly prohibited with content such as, for example, but not limited to: a. Offense to the institutions or the religion of any faith. Sarcastic, sacrilegious and derogatory comments in relation to any faith must be avoided. b. Racism and any material maintaining the inferiority or superiority of one ethnic group, nation or culture rather than another. c. Incitement to violence and the commission of crimes. d. Pornographic material and links to websites unsuitable for minors under the age of 18 e. Messages containing political, party or factional propaganda. f.Content that is contrary to mandatory rules of public order and morality. g. Commercial messages and for-profit activities such as betting, competitions, auctions, economic transactions. i. Copyrighted material that violates the laws on copyright. j. Advertising or promotional materials, publication of Internet site addresses unrelated to the topics covered. k. In general, anything that goes under the definition of " spam."

5. In the case of materials taken from official information websites, newspapers, journals , magazines being used by the User, it is required that the source be cited, always provided that such use of the aforementioned materials does not violate copyright laws.

6. The use of images of identified or identifiable persons is subject to the laws regarding personal data. Personal image rights are, however, more generally, a right of personality and the use of another person’s image is permitted only with the consent of the person portrayed. It is possible, even in the absence of such consent, to reproduce the image of people only when such reproduction is connected to facts, events or ceremonies of public interest or held in public, and anyway for the sole purpose of visual documentation of the event or as a record for posterity.

7. It should also be noted that: a. ELI Publishing will not be responsible in any way for the content of messages sent by Users, and reserves the right to delete any message or content deemed inappropriate or not in accordance with the spirit of service without, however, assuming any obligation in this regard. b. Each User assumes all criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal content of any messages and content published by the User, and from any action for damage that may be raised by a third party in relation to the publication of such messages and content.

8. This regulation may be amended at any time and without notice. The User is therefore required to consult it periodically to check for any updates. Any liability of the Company to the User with respect to changes in the terms and conditions of use and / or use of services is excluded.

Personal data and Limitation of Liability

1. ELI Publishing will treat all personal information provided by the User at the time of registration in full compliance with the provisions contained in Regolamento (UE) 2016/679, in the manner and for the purposes indicated in the information sheet provided to you pursuant to Art. 13 of the Code, placed at the foot of this agreement.

With the acknowledgment of having taken sight of the information sheet regarding personal data referred to Regolamento (UE) 2016/679 and with the acceptance of these terms, the User expresses explicit consent to the processing and communication of data in the manner described in the aforementioned information sheet, relieving the other party from any civil, criminal or administrative liability, for any damage that may be effected as a consequence, occasion or in connection with such treatment, agreeing to inform the other party without delay of any change to the data supplied to it by means of the Website’s personal data update function.

Just as ELI Publishing provides the information and acquires the consent of the Users of the site at the time of registration, the User who wishes in the same way to treat data relating to identified or identifiable persons or entities through this website - for example, but not limited to the teacher who wishes to use texts, photos and / or videos of students - (the prohibition on the processing of "sensitive data" remaining in vigour)on the WebLAB and WebCLOUD platforms in " virtual classes ", must, under the provisions of ai sensi del Regolamento (UE) 2016/679, first inform the parties to whom the data relate, and acquire and document consent in writing. In the absence of the express consent of those concerned, the User is forbidden to use this website for any transaction involving personal data about other Users or third parties, regardless of other responsibility profiles of the User in question; ELI Publishing. at the request of the parties concerned, will proceed to the removal of such data.

2. The User, without prejudice to any other provision of this Agreement, expressly acknowledges and declares that: a) the use and utilization of the services of the Site is at the User’s own and sole risk and is provided by ELI Publishing on the assumption of total acceptance of such responsibility on the part of the User b) ELI Publishing is released from any liability and warranty whatsoever, explicit or implied, c) any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the services will be freely chosen at the User's own risk and thus all responsibility for any damage to computer systems or loss of data resulting from the operations of uploading and / or downloading of material will rest with the User.

Cookie Policy

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Types of cookie

Technical Cookies

These cookies allow the site to work correctly; they are designed to maintain smooth navigation or increase the functionality or performance of the site. They are not used for other purposes and are managed by our company. They are divided into:

- Session or navigation cookies: these are designed to ensure normal navigation and use of the site, through different options or services. These cookies allow us, for example, to store the elements that characterize a particular request, make a purchase, sign up for participation in an event;

- Functional cookies: these are cookies that allow the User to navigate as a function of a set of selected criteria (such as language, text characters, browser type) in order to improve the service rendered;

- Analytical cookies: these are used for statistical analysis on how users navigate the site with their computers, on the number of pages visited or the number of clicks made on a page while browsing the site, as well as reports on demographic data (such as sex, age and interests). They are used to collect data on how visitors (not only those who are registered) use the site and therefore allow us to improve its look and navigation.

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Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement is governed by Italian law. For all disputes arising in connection with the performance or interpretation of this Agreement will be settled exclusively by the Court of Macerata.

To complete this Agreement the User must click on the checkbox to express acceptance of these conditions.

Privacy Policy and Consent to the Processing of Personal Data

Privacy policy

L’informativa è resa da ELI S.r.l. ai sensi degli artt. 13 e 14 del Reg UE 679/16 in vigore ed in applicazione dal 25/05/2018 per il sito http://www.ilseliedizioni.it per le attività di trattamento svolte nelle proprie sedi nello svolgimento delle proprie attività. ELI S.r.l. garantisce il rispetto della normativa in materia di protezione dei dati personali e della tutela della persona, ed informa che i dati personali conferiti dagli interessati tramite i vari canali di raccolta, direttamente o indirettamente gestiti dal Titolare, ovvero acquisiti presso terzi nel rispetto delle condizioni di legge, saranno trattati in modo lecito, pertinente e secondo correttezza, nel rispetto dei principi sanciti dal Reg UE 679/16.

Titolare, Responsabili e categorie di Incaricati

Il Titolare del trattamento è ELI S.r.l., con sede legale ed operativa in Via Brecce, 60025 Loreto (AN), P.IVA 00389280421. All'interno di ELI S.r.l. i dati che la riguardano saranno trattati da personale incaricato o persone autorizzate dal titolare del trattamento dei dati. L'elenco aggiornato dei referenti del trattamento dei dati personali è disponibile e consultabile presso la sede legale. Oltre che dai dipendenti di ELI S.r.l., il trattamento dei dati personali potrà essere effettuato anche da soggetti terzi, ai quali l’azienda affida talune attività (o parte di esse) connesse o strumentali allo svolgimento dei trattamenti o all'erogazione dei servizi offerti. In tale evenienza gli stessi soggetti opereranno in qualità di titolari autonomi, contitolari, o verranno nominati Responsabili, incaricati o persone autorizzate al trattamento.

Tipologia di dati trattati

La raccolta ed il conseguente trattamento dei dati vengono effettuati dal Titolare presso la sede della società e da aziende incaricate dallo stesso ed anche attraverso il proprio portale www.ilseliedizioni.it nel rispetto delle misure di sicurezza e prescrizioni delle Leggi per il trattamento dei dati personali in vigore.

Saranno utilizzati unicamente dati personali aventi ad oggetto, a titolo d’esempio, nome e cognome, codice fiscale, numero di partita IVA, residenza, domicilio, sede del luogo di lavoro, indirizzo mail o PEC, numero di telefono o fax, ecc. e tutti i dati ceduti dall'utente qualora gli utenti/visitatori collegandosi a questo sito o tramite qualsiasi altra forma di comunicazione scritta o verbale, inviino propri dati personali per accedere a determinati servizi, ovvero, per effettuare richieste via posta elettronica, si avrà l’acquisizione di tali dati da parte di ELI S.r.l. e/o dei terzi unitamente ai quali ELI S.r.l. potrebbe fornire il servizio richiesto dall’utente/visitatore; tali dati verranno trattati esclusivamente per rispondere alla richiesta, ovvero per la fornitura del servizio in conformità con la presente Policy.

Finalità del trattamento

Il trattamento dei dati anagrafici e dei recapiti telefonici e telematici è indispensabile per soddisfare le richieste degli utenti, visitatori, clienti. Il conferimento è quindi obbligatorio, non potendosi, in caso di mancato rilascio del consenso o di revoca dello stesso, dar luogo al trattamento (legittimo interesse).

È necessario evidenziare che l’eventuale comunicazione errata o insufficiente dei dati richiesti potrà comportare l’impossibilità totale o parziale di dare esecuzione alle richieste dell’interessato e la possibile mancata corrispondenza dei risultati del trattamento rispetto agli accordi intercorsi o agli obblighi imposti da norme e regolamenti. In particolare, i trattamenti di dati personali saranno finalizzati all’erogazione di servizi, a favore degli utenti/visitatori/clienti, connessi alla stipulazione e all’esecuzione del contratto per l’acquisto di materiali, pubblicazioni, contenuti.

Periodo di conservazione dei dati personali

I dati raccolti per le finalità sopra indicate saranno trattati e conservati per il tempo necessario all’adempimento delle stesse e comunque per non oltre 3 anni dalla data in cui riceveremo il Suo consenso.

Diritti esercitabili

Diritto di accesso: ottenere conferma che sia o meno in corso un trattamento di dati personali che La riguardano e, in tal caso, ricevere informazioni relative, nello specifico a: finalità di trattamento, categorie dei dati personali trattati e periodo di conservazione, destinatari cui questi possono essere comunicati (art.15, GDPR 679/2016).

Diritto di rettifica: ottenere la rettifica dei dati personali inesatti che La riguardano e l’integrazione dei dati personali incompleti (art. 16, GDPR 679/2016).

Diritto all’oblio: ottenere la cancellazione dei dati personali che la riguardano nei casi previsti dal GDPR (art. 17, GDPR 679/2016).

Diritto di limitazione: ottenere dai contitolari la limitazione del trattamento, nei casi previsti dal GDPR (art. 18, GDPR 679/2016).

Diritto alla portabilità: ricevere in un formato strutturato, di uso comune e leggibile da un dispositivo automatico, i dati personali che La riguardano forniti ai contitolari, nonché ottenere che gli stessi siano trasmessi ad un altro titolare senza impedimenti, nei casi previsti dal GDPR (art. 20, GDPR 679/2016).

Diritto di opposizione: opporsi al trattamento dei dati personali che La riguardano, salvo che sussistano motivi legittimi per i contitolari di continuare il trattamento (art. 21, GDPR 679/2016).

Diritto di proporre reclamo all’autorità di controllo: proporre reclamo all’Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali, Piazza di Monte Citorio n.121, 00186 Roma (RM).

Tali diritti potranno essere esercitati mediante l’invio di una richiesta via e-mail all’indirizzo PEC eli@pec.it.

Modifiche alla politica della Privacy

Qualora ELI decidesse di modificare la presente Privacy Policy, tali modifiche saranno pubblicate sul sito di modo che l’utente potrà sempre avere accesso alla versione più aggiornata. ELI invita l’Utente a consultare regolarmente questa pagina.


Per qualsiasi domanda o chiarimento su questa Privacy Policy può mandare una mail all’indirizzo PEC eli@pec.it o alla mail info@elionline.com oppure scrivere all’indirizzo del Titolare del trattamento è ELI S.r.l., con sede legale ed operativa in Via Brecce, 60025 Loreto (AN).

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